How the US invasion affected sectarianism in Iraq

Economic Indicators

Links to more information from the Brookings Institute on the Iraqi economy after the US invasion:

From “Baghdad: Truth Lies Within”
About a million children live in Thawra, Iraq, without access to clean water and encircled by garbage.

American Aid Appropriated, Obligated. and Dispursed Towards the Iraq Relief and Reconstruction Fund 

Iraq GDP Estimates and Projections 2002-2012

Iraq’s Trade Balance 2004-2011

Estimated Amount of Foreign Direct Investment per month 2004-2009

Estimated Availability of Essential Services

Iraq’s Trade Balance 2004-2011

Year-To-Date Comparison of Oil Revenue from Exports, 2003-2011

Internet Subscribers in Iraq prewar-2010


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  1. Mike Van Fossen

    I like all the data you’ve included; gives perspective for viewers.
    Mike VF

    May 15, 2012 at 7:23 pm

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