How the US invasion affected sectarianism in Iraq

Iranian Influence

Adding fuel to the Shia awakening was the flow of religious merchandise across the borders including carpets with images of Shia saints and Shia liturgy including Mafatih al-Janan, a Shia ritual manual which one could have been imprisoned for carrying during the Saddam regime. In terms of pilgrims, Tehran proposed a quote of 10,000 per day while the US proposed 500 per day from Iran.By August 2003, the Hausa, Shia Curia, and its hotel were gaining $8 million/day in tourism.Owner of several restaurants Abu Ali said ‘Iran is reviving our economy’.

Shia flags flew over Iraq for the first time in centuries as unemployed Iraqis were bribed into enrolling into colleges as theological students,which

in Najaf became 3,000 individuals. US troops were caught off guard by quick transform of power to clerics. For example, after two days in power the US troops entered Najaf and retreated after being told they were entreating on sacred ground to 120 million  Shiite Muslims. They were commanded by head of 101 Airborne to angle their guns, kneel on the ground and tiptoe back out of the area.

US military sent in cleric Abdel Majid al-Khoi but he was killed by a Shia mob two days later even through he was son of respected

Shi’ite Flag

Grand Ayatollah Abdul Qasim al-Khoi ( he still had personal relations with the west and believed in division of religion and politics) .US generals seemed unsure as how to prevent Iraq from transforming into an Islamic theocracy.


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