How the US invasion affected sectarianism in Iraq


“We still have a hope…” : Abdullah in Baghdad, Iraq

This is the story of a man I skyped who is currently living in Baghdad and works with the Ministry of the Interior within the Iraqi government. I refer to him as Abdullah and not by his real name for security reasons.

2010-2011 Iraqi Parliament

Q: Describe Iraq to me before and after the US invasion.

A: “The Iraqi people were afraid of the dictatorial regime[under Saddam]…the dreams of the Iraqi people were restricted, the lifestyle was very limited. After the invasion, people were very careful between each other. Due to the security situation, the killing increased in the streets. We still have a hope that the situation will get better…we believe it is not only the invasion that has changed Iraq, but also the neighboring countries who do not want good for the benefit of the Iraqi people”

Q: Can you elaborate on the role of neighboring countries in the violence in Iraq?

A: “These neighboring countries start to arm these small groups and they start to call them insurgent groups…these are just groups of terrorists that killed the Iraqi people, they did not really fight the US military. They killed the Iraqi people with the name of Jihad…and Jihad does not say to be killing any persons because killing people is not from Islam.”

Q: Do you see any benefits from the US invasion?